Did you knew, 

that for the production of only 1 kilogramm of cotton around 20.000 liters of wate rare necessary? 1 kilogramm is about the weight of one shirt and one pair of jeans. Unfortunally most of the factories that produce cotton are situated in countries where the majority of the population has only a limited access to clean water.


Did you knew,

that each product from cultivation to harvest, manufacture, production, packaging transport and storage in the EU leaves a so called carbon dioxid print? That print is the total volume of all extruded carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide and other global warming gases. The carbon dioxid print of a regular men shirt is between 7 and 15 kg CO2, the one of a womans shirt between 5 and 11 kg CO2 and the one of a hoody between 40 and 90 kg CO2. That outstrips the weight of the actual article plural.


Did you ever asked yourself, 

how textil discounters can sell shirts for ridiculous prices like 1-2€? Besides the quality, this is only possible with child labour, forced labour, unsecure and unhealthy working conditions and starvationan wages at excessive working hours.


We decided that we don´t want to take part of all that. This is why we chose the products of earth-positive from Continental-Clothing. We wish, that you feel comfortable in our clothes! First because the comfort in wearing is great and second cause you know that you have done the right choice, wearing fair and ecological clothes.


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